1. If I completed TCAT in the past, do I need to complete again?

Yes, you are required to complete TCAT each intake you apply for admission into the Master of Teaching. Your results for TCAT are valid for up to two years. After this time, you need to complete TCAT again.

2. Do I complete TCAT again if I’ve deferred my offer?

Applicants with an approved deferred offer are not required to complete TCAT while their deferred offer is still valid. Deferrals are only valid for one year. Please note deferrals are not available to applicants for Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship program.

3. Do I need to complete TCAT again if I am re-enrolling in the course after withdrawing?

Withdrawn students returning to study are not required to complete TCAT again to re-enrol if they do so within two years.

4. If I am applying under the University of Melbourne Guaranteed Entry scheme, am I required to complete TCAT?

Students applying under the Guaranteed Entry scheme are required to complete TCAT as part of their application. Applicants who satisfy the Guaranteed Entry standards will be exempt from meeting the TCAT standards.

5. If I am applying for multiple Master of Teaching courses do I need to complete TCAT more than once?

When applying for multiple Master of Teaching courses, you are only required to complete TCAT once.

6. Can I do TCAT multiple times?

You are permitted to sit TCAT once per year. Successful results are valid for up to 2 years.

7. Can anyone else assist me in completing TCAT?

You must complete TCAT independently and responses must be your own work only. No-one else can assist in you completing TCAT.

8. I encountered a technical issue while I was completing my online assessment. What do I do?

So we can help troubleshoot the issue, please send the following information to TCAT Technical Difficulties:

9. What should I do if I can't login to my account?

You can reset your account by clicking here.

10. How is the assessment structured?

The assessment comprises five modules. Each module may include a different number of open response or multiple choice items. The overall assessment will take 70-90 minutes to complete.

11. Is there any information available to practise/prepare for the assessment?

The assessment does not require any previous practice. All required information will be provided during the assessment.

12. Can I stop and continue my progress later?

You can stop during the assessment; however, it is recommended you only stop after completing a whole module/section.

13. Is there a time limit?

Some modules have a time limit.

14. What happens when the timer runs out for a section or answer that is timed?

The responses you have entered will be saved and you will move to the next section or question.

15. Once I submit my answers, can I revise my answers?

Responses cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

16. Am I eligible for reasonable adjustments?

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) is committed to promoting inclusion and equity for prospective students with disabilities or long-term medical conditions, and helping to provide technologies that assist students. Reasonable adjustments can be made if an applicant with a disability or impairment experiences difficulty in completing TCAT. To discuss reasonable adjustments, please contact mgse-admissions@unimelb.edu.au.

17. What are the technical requirements to complete the online assessment?

The web browsers officially supported are Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 or higher, Firefox and Google Chrome. It is recommended that your web browser is up to date and Javascript is enabled.

18. How will my data/report be used?

Your information will be used in accordance with the University of Melbourne’s privacy policy.
Your responses will be considered as part of selection into the Master of Teaching. Your responses will also be summarised and collated with the rest of your cohort to provide the Program Coordinator a collective overview of the cohort’s strengths and weaknesses that will be used to better assist students throughout the course. This information will also be used to inform the ongoing development of the Master of Teaching. You will not be identifiable personally in this aggregated report; however, you may show your personal report to your Program Coordinator to obtain development advice if you wish. Your data may also be used for further development of the TCAT assessment, research purposes and other de-identified reports.

19. Can I see my results?

Upon successful admission into the course, you will also receive a summary of your responses, and an indication of your responses against standardised minimums and desirable responses, which we will continue to refine as the research into this area progresses. Part of your results will be a graph similar to the one below: